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About us

Carbonibus is an international carbon offset programs developer. We focus exclusively on carbon offset projects that have a positive impact on the local population, such as clean cookstoves projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Saving the planet while improving the lives of millions of people


We believe the climate crisis is the challenge to focus on. We also realized that we can save the planet and at the same time improve the lives of millions of people in Sub-Saharan Africa by developing carbon offset projects focused on households and communities.

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Stop the vicious cycle of poverty

A unique opportunity

Developing carbon offset programs in the global South is a unique opportunity to ignite a virtuous cycle that can lift least developed countries (LDCs) out of poverty and, at the same time, save the planet by reducing CO2 emissions in a cost-effective manner.

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A purpose-driven global team

Driven by a sense of responsibility

We have a leadership team with decades of experience in management, sales, and technology who decided to invest their career in helping solve the climate crisis, maximizing the social impact at the same time, and following the highest ethical standards.

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